Lakeside counselling - Edward Hills Counsellor Bermagui Tilba NaroomaI can help you with counselling for:

Depression and anxiety
Stress management
Workplace Support
Children and Adolescents
People with Disability


• Dealing with setbacks
• Managing and resolving conflict
• Developing interpersonal skills
• Communication skills

Children and Adolescents:

• Coping with academic and social pressures
• Coping with peer pressure
• Developing study and time-management skills
• Dealing with pressures and expectations

Personal Issues:

• Identifying and dealing with problems
• Developing self-confidence
• Goal-setting and life-planning
• Anxiety management
• Grief and loss
Edward Hills Lakeside Counselling - Counsellor for Bermagui, Tilba, Akolele, Narooma

Workplace Support:

• Effective communication
• Job interview skills
• Coping with stress and pressure
• Coping with change
• Handling difficult relationships
• Employee Assistance Program

External Supervision:

• For case managers and professionals working in community services