Open Doors Program

Edward Hills Lakeside Counselling - counsellor for Bermagui, Akolele, Tilba, NaroomaCoaching and Personal Development Program for groups

The overall approach of the program is solution-based and change-oriented, emphasising problem-solving, goal-setting and personal growth. Since the individual is the best qualified person to effect change, the group leader or coach focuses on providing opportunities for change and development by guiding individuals towards a greater understanding of their own power and a greater understanding of their ability to exploit their particular strengths and resources.


Session #1: Resources:

Identifying resources and inner strengths

Session #2: Resilience:

Developing the confidence needed to deal with setbacks and difficulties

Session #3: Motivation:

Exploring readiness, setting goals and planning strategies for change

Session #4: Managing Stress:

Managing stress, anxiety, negativity, anger and depression

Session #5: Effective Communication:

Developing interpersonal communication skills

Session #6: Conflict management:

Developing effective ways of resolving conflict

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